Vitamin C and Skin Health

We hear a lot of talk about the importance of Vitamin C as a cold/flu support for the colder months. Did you know that it also has a valuable role in skin health? Antioxidants like Vitamin C, in particular, provide support to the structure of the skin by supporting collagen production. Vitamin C promotes collagen […]

3 Top Green Beauty Myths

Green Beauty Myth 1: Natural skincare is chemical free. “Chemical free” is a marketing term used to communicate to consumers that a product is safe or ‘green’. In reality, nothing is chemical free. Everything is a chemical- air, water, the vegetables growing in your garden are all made up of chemicals. Some face and body […]

How long should your skincare products last?

How long should your skincare products last? With the switch to green beauty, you may need to change how you use your face and body-care products. It’s important to use them up within the recommended time frame to ensure product potency and avoid microbial growth in your products. Natural skincare products are not made to […]

Nourishing Each Skin Cell

  Are your skincare products nourishing your skin? If you’re using conventional skincare that lacks natural oils or botanical ingredients it’s quite likely that it’s not. Our skin is alive and requires nourishment in the same way our other body systems do. In choosing your skincare products you are choosing whether or not to support […]

How to Purchase Ethical Herbal Products this Holiday Season

  Interested in eco-friendly Holiday gift gifting? Here are a few tips to consider when purchasing from companies and independent makers who sell herbal products: 1. Do they use at-risk or endangered botanical ingredients? This is the top of our list because there is, unfortunately, a sea of natural bodycare producers who include at-risk oils […]